About us

We are an Australian owned and operated escrow company, committed to providing escrow solutions designed to meet the needs of our clients – flexible, secure and confidential.

We are passionate about what we do and as a result we provide outstanding client service. We are committed to our clients, committed to delivering effective and balanced escrow solutions and committed to maintaining our longstanding reputation as a trusted and professional escrow company

In 1985 we pioneered the commercial use of software escrow in Australia as a means of both protecting software developers’ intellectual property and delivering security to licensees.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 giants to individuals; from local and international businesses to all levels of Government and its agencies. All receive the same level of unparalleled service from our highly professional and dedicated staff.

All Escrow Material is kept in in our own facility, under our exclusive control. Access is strictly controlled. No access to Escrow Material is permitted without written authorisation issued in accordance with contractual terms. All access to the facility is logged and a permanent record kept.

For more information on our escrow services please contact us at the address provided, or complete the Information Request Form.